One Soul, One body, One Spirit

by Emanation

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Black Mass Records

Last copies available at Crucial Blast:

Now sold out from the source, Emanation's One Soul One Body One Spirit is one of two somewhat recent releases from this obscure Spanish black metal-ish project with connections to Teitenblood and Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere that we've listed in the C-Blast shop this week. As with the 12" that Emanation followed this with, this five-song tape features a mixture of experimental black ambience and necro-industrial delirium that is heavily inspired by the field of spiritism and séances along with other, more esoteric leanings, crafting a ghostly murkscape that at first vaguely resembles the creepy low-fi ambience of Moëvöt, but then gradually evolves into a kind of necrotic krautrock somewhat akin to France's Aluk Todolo. In fact, it's probably not even that accurate to describe this as "black metal", as Emanation's music tends be much more experimental, in some ways coming across more like a kind of blackened hypnotic noise rock.

Even from the start, this puts off an unmetallic vibe. The title track creeps out across the first few minutes in a hazy cloud of murky dissonance and strange gasping vocals, gusts of white noise swirling around soft distant swells of metallic thrum and muffled tones, a soft din of far-off mechanical rumblings, random knockings and television news transmissions met with the eerie cry of an infant. These noises mix together with what seems like random environmental sounds, the grimy corroded ambience ruptured with odd buzzing and bursts of malfunctioning cable noise, this strange nocturnal dronescape taking form somewhere in between the realm of surreal industrial noise a la Big City Orchestra and the hallucinatory no-fi black psychedelia of the aforementioned Les Legions Noires outfits like Moëvöt and Aäkon Këëtrëh, dark and dreary and dreamlike.

But then around ten minutes in, the recording suddenly swells into a noisy, chaotic din of thudding drums and swarming guitars and keyboards, everything fused together into an incomprehensible blur of sound, those drums pounding out a basic heavy backbeat far, far down in the mix, everything wrapped in a thick blanket of static and distortion. Not too far off from some of Skullflower's recent black metal influenced material, actually, and there's also a similar feel to Wold's blackened blizzards of howling high-end skree and hellish obfuscated melody. Bizarre high-pitched howls echo across the background, obscured by the almost constant roar of static and hiss, but there's a definite musical quality to it as well, an eerie melodic glow emanating from deep within the inchoate noise. It slowly comes together into a steady, slowly propulsive dirge, driving through this storm of Merzbowian scrape and screech, a static-drenched funerary crawl that gradually reveals glimpses of a stunning unearthly beauty hidden behind the maelstrom, wisps of hauntingly beautiful piano that curl through the smoke-choked acrid air. It's nearly impossible to make out where one song ends and the next begins; all of these five tracks run into one another, making this like one epic-length din of blackened hysteria that stretches out for over an hour. It's not until well into the second side that Emanation finally erupts into something heavier and more "metallic", but even then it's totally blown-out, a howling chaotic shambling black dirge that, once again, is much more akin to Aluk Todolo than black metal, a pounding hypno-pummel shrouded within a storm of speakerhiss and warbling keyboard clusters, like hearing Wold transform into some sort of fractured low-fi krautrock.

Comes in an oversized jewel case, and includes liner notes that delve into the philosophies and inspirations behind the creation of this ectenic force. Limited to one hundred hand-numbered copies.

- Crucial Blast


released June 1, 2013



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Emanation Spain

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